Friday, 27 April 2012

038.09 to 042.16

Greeting all. We made significant process in our last meeting, moving through almost 5 (!) pages! As usual, a few brief comments from me, and as usual, I'd appreciate any comments. Let me know what I've missed, what I misunderstood, what I didn't get at claims to understand absolutely here.

38.23: 'the gossiple so delivered in his epistolear' McHugh tells us that the gospel and the epistle are the opposite sides of a Christian altar. Not really what we were interested in though. I really appreciate Joyce's means of building up layers of allusions miles before the fact; that is, the 'gossiple' and the 'epistolear' both seem to question the truth of the written document, a fact that will be important to us when we come across a letter again...

39 and 40: No specific references here, but a more general comment on Joyce's references to horse racing. Joyce has shown his interest in the sport of kings previously (see 'Lotus Eaters' in Ulysses). There's almost a sense of repetition here, with a cast of characters remonstrating and sympathising after being unsuccessful on the punt. Except perhaps for W.W. (Winny Widger (39.11)), who 'goes through the card', which, according to McHugh is to get up on every race at the meet.

40.05: 'alcoh alcoho alcoherently' I've previously posted on stutters within the text (motivated much by Chris Eagle's work on same) but I've got to say I think this is the best stutter I've come across so far.

42.09-10: 'I want money. Pleasend.' A moment very reflective of the author, who lived for the best part of his life in a hand to mouth existence. From memory, this was one of JJ's less polite means of requesting a top up from his brother Stanislaus when things were getting tight.

We're meeting on the 8th of May to read from 42.17 to 44.21. As usual all are welcome. Please comment below!


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