Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pre-Bloomsday Rumblings

Greetings again!

As you may very well know, Bloomsday is almost upon us! Bloomsday is a commemoration of the day that Ulysses takes place on, the 16th of July 1904. The biggest Bloomsday event that I'm aware of will be held at the Gaelic Club in Surry Hills. More info can be found HERE.

You may have also noticed Don Anderson's review of the new edition of Finnegans Wake in 'Review' from The Australian's arts pages. The new edition, launched at the Sydney Writer's Festival, includes around 9000 emendations that seek to provide the definitive edition of Joyce's intentions for the text. I like the humour with which Anderson approaches the impossibilities of summarising Joyce's text. Although the cheapest edition of the new version isn't going to come cheap at 250 pounds...

Anyways, I'll be sending the official e-mail out in the next couple of weeks to begin the challenge of reading the thing! Just got to mark my essays...

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